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*Updated Bylaws will be available by Fall 2019.


Central Committee Members – Executive Board

Maureen Evans Arthurs, Co-Chair

Tim Lattimer, Co-Chair**

Jennifer Jones, 1st Vice Chair

Shahan Rizvi, 2nd Vice Chair

Dr. Scott Berkowitz, 3rd Vice Chair**

Dhaval Shah, Treasurer

Safa Hira, Recording Secretary

Alicia Altamirano, Corresponding Secretary


**Positions pending state and bylaw compliance review


Central Committee Members

Mae Beale

Ethel B. Hill

Mary Catherine Cochran

Regina Clay

Maura Cleary Dunnigan

Najee Bailey

Linda Bolen

Jeremy Eldridge

Josh Friedman

Gabriel M. Moreno

Herbie Smith

Peter Spann


Howard County Democratic Central Committee

7050 Oakland Mills Road, Suite 120

Columbia, Maryland 21046


410-290-9792 (fax)

What is the Democratic Central Committee?

The Howard County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) is the county branch of the Maryland Democratic Party. Twenty Central Committee members are elected to a four year term by Democratic voters in the Gubernatorial Primary election.

The HCDCC exists to facilitate the election of DEMOCRATS. The members are elected to work directly in the trenches on behalf of the Party and to organize an ongoing presence in the county. They are the people who do the actual tasks of helping get Democrats elected. HCDCC members are election workers and help train volunteers and do party building activities. They encourage the participation of activists, volunteers and financial contributors.

HCDCC members have the official responsibility to fill vacancies in certain offices due to the death or resignation of elected officials, and fill vacancies when no Democratic candidate has filed for nomination. They also recommend to the Governor appointment of the members and substitute members of the local Board of Elections and sometimes make recommendations for other state and county boards.


HCDCC members must bring a strong commitment to the Democratic Party and all it stands for. They should have active and recent experience in various political activities, have actively worked for candidates, or have managed campaigns. They must support all Democratic candidates in the General Election.

Central Committee members may be asked to make financial contributions and are expected to participate in activities.

Get Involved

Please sign up as a volunteer and help us with our party building, and outreach efforts to newly registered Democrats in Howard County. 

Volunteers are the backbone of the Democratic Party and we need your help.  Please email us at HowardCountyDems@gmail.com or call us at 443-535-7630 and become involved.

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