It is not too late to make your voice heard!

The Howard County Council may vote on CB-9 as early as Monday, February 6.  As of today, there are not enough committed votes to pass this important anti-discrimination legislation.  Council members Jon Weinstein and Mary Kay Sigaty are still undecided while Councilmember Greg Fox opposes it.  County Executive Allan Kittleman is also on record as opposing the bill and has suggested that he will veto it if it is to pass.  If this anti-discrimination legislation is important to you, contact Council Chairman Jon Weinstein, Councilmember Mary Kay Sigaty, and County Executive Allan Kittleman TODAY!

If you need talking points, CASA put out a Press Release yesterday that urges the County Council to pass CB-9 and “stand up to the values of inclusion and opportunity” in Howard County.  The Press Release provides many facts and reasons to support this legislation. Please take the time to read it, and perhaps gather talking points for when you call and/or send an email to voice your support.

Contact Information:
Council Chair Jon Weinstein’s office:
410 313-3110 or

Councilmember Mary Kay Sigaty’s office:
410 313-2001 or

County Executive Allan Kittleman’s office:
410 313-2013 or