It is with a heavy heart we announce that Maura Dunnigan will be moving on from her role on the Howard County Democratic Central Committee. Maura has served on the Howard County Democratic Central Committee since being elected by Howard County residents in 2018. Maura has worked tirelessly during her tenure on the committee, volunteering in innumerable ways to ensure that strong Democratic leaders were elected.

Additionally, Maura served as a leader within the committee helping to organize countless events, including the Unity Dinner and auction, organizing outreach at the Howard County Fair booth, charitable events for community members in need, and spearheading regular updates to our HoCo Dems Newsletter. Maura’s contributions were significant and far reaching.

Undeniably, Maura’s hard work was crucial to Democratic success in 2020, helping us lead the state in new Democratic voter turnout this past general election. Beyond politics, Maura has been a passionate advocate for equity in education, immigration, grassroots organizing – all while supporting a big family as a loving mother and wife. We will miss her but she knows she will remain involved and invested in the spirit of our mission. From all of us here at the HCDCC, we appreciate you and your efforts Maura! 

Shahan Rizvi
Howard County Democratic
Central Committee