New Logo. New Democratic Party.

The Howard County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) is the county branch of the Maryland Democratic Party. Twenty Central Committee members are elected to a four year term by Democratic voters in the Gubernatorial Primary election.
The HCDCC exists to facilitate the election of DEMOCRATS. The members are elected to work directly in the trenches on behalf of the Party and to organize an ongoing presence in the county. In that spirit, to increase our presence, it is imperative that branding be a part of that strategy.


Our rebrand aims to capture the excitement and energy our party is experiencing in primaries across the country. From Florida to Georgia all the way to Pennsylvania and Maryland, Democrats are well positioned to take back our state houses and local councils like never before, especially in areas once perceived as “deep red states.”


To represent the new direction our party is heading, you’ll notice our stately donkey is now facing the right instead of the left. This is by design to convey a sense that our party is indeed moving FORWARD ->


By utilizing modern font styles and clean design principles, we hope to convey a image of trust, transparency, hope, upward mobility, and change above all. Our clean design is purposeful in that we are serious about throwing out the trash and cutting out the fluff. Party building for the long game is what we are striving for. This is why the big letter D stands out in our logo, to showcase our commitment to growing and expanding the Democratic party.


Lastly, and most importantly, our rebrand aims to educate our community on what exactly a Central Committee does. From listening parties to knocking on doors, we’ve learned that a majority of Howard County residents do not understand the role their local Central Committees play. Our rebranding efforts hope to close that gap by inviting the community to check out our new look and ask questions about the Party. Engaging our residents and serving as local resources is the best way to get Democrats elected in November.


We’re starting with a new logo, but our end game is building a new, unified and energetic Democratic Party for generations to come.