For settlement purposes, the team listed second in the event name is always considered the Home Team. For the free kick selection, a free-kick will be deemed to have been awarded the moment the referee and or assistant referee signal any of the following: A direct free-kick following a foul, an indirect free-kick following a foul or offside offence but not a penalty kick, corner or drop ball. 6. Bets on performances in a particular stage stand regardless of any route modifications which the organizers might deem necessary to apply during a stage. In the case of a match being postponed all bets will be void unless the match takes place within 36 hours of the initial scheduled starting time. Last point market: Is settled on last point at the end of the game, inclusive of overtime. Overall winner markets relate to the winner of the overall event and not for individual qualifiers or heats. For player prop markets, only when a player does not play a snap in that game are the selections voided. If the named rider is involved in a dead heat for first place in any stage, this will count as a stage win. In the case where no official result is declared, bets unequivocally determined will be settled accordingly, while all other bets will be void, If the venue of a match is changed from the one advertised, all bets on the match will still have action (provided the match is not also postponed by more than 48 hours). Player Performance Markets offered in-play/during half time: Bets on this market refer to the quoted statistic recorded by a named player for the whole game (including overtime). If Team A Win by exactly one goal then the stake on Team A -1.0 will be refunded and the stake on Team A -1.5 will be a loser. The same rules apply for State of Origin and any other Australian Rugby League match where extra time is played. Number X Overall Pick: Bets will be settled according to the official draft position as the pick is made, irrespective of any trades made following the announcement of the pick. Any parlay bet reduced by an abandoned, postponed or re-arranged match will stand on the remaining selections. In the event of any uncertainty about any result or potential result, FanDuel Sportsbook reserves the right to suspend settlement of any market for an unlimited period until the uncertainty can be resolved to the reasonable satisfaction of FanDuel Sportsbook. In the case of specific Inning / half Inning markets, the stated period must have been completed for bets to stand unless the result has already been unequivocally determined. A batsman that retires from an innings will not be considered as a wicket for settlement purposes. If a Tournament/Round is restarted from the beginning, all bets placed after the official off time will be void, except on markets which have been unconditionally determined, which will stand. Daily Strikeout Specials: For head-to-head strikeout matchups, both listed pitchers must start the game for bets on the matchup to stand. For instance, the player should bet $110 to win $100. In cases where it is unclear whether the VAR has been used due to missing TV coverage and/or conflicting reports, FanDuel will settle the bets based on the information acquired from feed providers and generally reputable online sources (acting reasonably). For example Dublin 1-17 Mayo 1-17 the points total equals 40pts (1 Goal = 3 Points). In the event of a two-way match betting/to qualify market being offered, then this will be settled on whichever team progresses. For example, if a goal is scored in first half stoppage-time in a soccer match it will be deemed to have occurred on 45 minutes. If you have placed a bet on a sporting event run on a non-runner, no bet basis and a player, team or other competitor (on which you did not place your bet) is withdrawn, suspended or disqualified from that event, we may apply relevant deductions to your winnings (based on the price of the player, team or other competitor that is withdrawn) referenced in the table below. In the event a game is not decided competitively, for example a player is given a walkover, bets on this game are declared void. In addition, any sixes hit in a super over will not be included in the settlement of Team to score most sixes and Total number of sixes markets. For first booking if more than one player being booked in the same incident the first player to be shown a card by the match referee shall be deemed the winner. The General Rules apply to all bets on the aforementioned products unless stated otherwise in the Specific Sports Rules. Regular Season Team Matchbets: dead heat rules apply. a hockey match switching from grass to astro-turf) after a bet is placed, all bets will stand. Dead Heat Rules Apply. If a player is disqualified, retires injured or withdraws they will be deemed to have finished last. The market will be settled according to the official play by play description. F1 Sprint Weekends: Unless otherwise stated, all F1 Grand Prix markets will be settled on results of the main weekend race. until an assist is awarded for a goal. Any FanDuel Sportsbook customer who has any concerns or questions regarding the Sportsbook House Rules or regarding the settlement of any FanDuel Sportsbook market should contact FanDuel Sportsbook Customer Service. In the event that a player is substituted out of the game between plate appearances, bets on plate appearances that have already occurred will stand. For example, spread markets are shown as: If Team A win by 2 or more goals then all bets on Team A (-1) will be winners. Rule 4 deduction wont apply. Example: Wagers placed on Player to hit 4th Home Run market will be void in a game where only 3 Home Runs are hit. After all, playing in the court, running around, can take its toll on a player's physical body and joints. Generally speaking, if a player doesn't play, then your prop bet on DraftKings Sportsbook will likely be void. If Team A win by exactly two goals then all bets on the market will be pushed and the bet stake returned on both sides. Any results or scores of which you may be advised by a FanDuel Sportsbook employee or agent (for example during betting in-play) are provided for guidance purposes only. Blocked pass is where a player tries to cut out an opposition pass by any means. Missed Tackles is where a player attempts to challenge for the ball and does not make it - it is calculated by adding fouls with an attempted tackle qualifier to the number of times a player is beaten by a dribble (challenge lost). For any Pre Match Combo bets involving booking points: a yellow card will be worth 10 points and a red card will be worth 25 points. Last 5 Game stats or other in-app info was wrong. If the two listed pitchers record the same number of strikeouts, bets on the matchup will be voided. Wire to Wire: These markets are offered for a given team to be leading a game at the end of each quarter of that game. The FanDuel Sportsbook is not responsible for lost, stolen or unreadable tickets. FanDuel Sportsbook will settle markets on the basis that it obtains the relevant information once the outcome has been determined. Where the Specific Sports Rules do not specify how and on what basis a market will be settled, markets will be settled on the official result of the relevant governing body regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result. One Specified Pitcher (Home Listed/Away Listed): A wager on or against one Listed Pitcher, regardless of the other Listed Pitcher. the number of games to be played in that set is changed) but the number of sets to be played remains the same, bets for match betting markets will stand. FanDuel Sportsbook reserves the right in its sole discretion not to accept certain Sportsbook bets, or to scale back the stakes (on a per user or aggregate basis). Any Other Selection will be deemed the winner if either team does not lead the game after each quarter. Bookings of managers, coaches or players who are yet to participate in the game (i.e. In any 'To Qualify' market for any tournament the winners are the number of golfers that qualify for the tournament, whether they compete in the tournament or not. Odd/Even Markets: Settled as per the 8.5 Innings Rule. In the event of more than one team having the same number of wins, the outcome will be determined by the worst 'for and against' points total. Which player will official governing body announce as the best young player of the tournament. In the event a player, team or selection are deemed the winner of a specified Outright market with one winner (e.g. For all parlay bets which involve one or more bets including such phrases, the remaining bets (i.e. In case two or more players tie, dead heat rules apply. In the event of an abandoned game, stakes are returned unless a turnover has already taken place. Some markets refer to the length of time until an occurrence in the event (e.g. Bets are All-In, meaning should a player not listed in the market make the most of the relevant quoted statistic, then all bets shall be settled as a loss. Notwithstanding this rule, in major international tournaments (e.g. For statistic related markets, the definitions provided within the terminology section will be used to determine the settlement of any bets which are placed on: FanDuel reserves the right to settle the above markets in accordance with the definitions if there are disputes on official league data. Draft Props: The official NBA Draft website will be used for settlement purposes (a players position, school, height etc.). Abandoned, Postponed, Venue Changed or Unplayed Matches. These rules apply to Major League, all levels of Minor League, NCAA and World Baseball. Bets will be settled on selected players total score including goals unless otherwise stated. Should players tie on the same number of goals, dead heat rules will apply. This market includes Over-time. In such case bets which have been placed prior to the announcement of the change in stage profile will be declared void. Should neither team reach the target, pre-match bets will be void. Only corners taken within that timeframe will count for settlement. Any bets placed after a points deduction may have prices adjusted accordingly. if the event does not have a scheduled 'off' time, FanDuel Sportsbook will use its reasonable efforts to ascertain the time of the actual 'off' and all bets after the time of the 'off' determined by FanDuel Sportsbook will be void. All outright markets, unless otherwise stated, include playoffs and any official governing organization tie-breaks where applicable. This market is settled on the official times which are made available on and the winner shall be settled according to whichever fight finishes in the least amount of time. A Champions tie-break will not count towards any 'Will there be a Tie-Break' markets and will not be treated as a tie-break for any markets involving the occurrence of a number of tie-breaks. Boston Bruins had recorded 100 points prior to season suspension. if the selection is Harry Kane to score 1 or more goals in both halves and Harry Kane is a substitute, but comes on during or after half time, or plays no part whatsoever, the selection would be void). www. Darts - Post qualification stages - PDC World Darts Championship, PDC Premier League Darts, PDC World Matchplay, PDC World Grand Prix, and Grand Slam of Darts. What happens when a player gets in trouble - What happens when a player violates NCAA rules or NIL rules at one school then jumps into the portal, plays at another For Total Rounds settlement purposes, 1 minute and 30 seconds will represent half a round. If the batsman finishes the innings not out as a result of a declaration, the team reaching the end of its allotted overs or the team reaching its target, the players not out score will count for settlement purposes. The stake on Team B +1.0 will be refunded and the stake on Team B +1.5 will be a winner. Team to score the most goals in the tournament, Goals scored in a Penalty Shootout are NOT included in final goal totals, Team to score the fewest goals in the tournament. Assists can be defined as the final touch (pass, pass-cum-shot or any other touch) leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal. All In Any decision made by the AFL regarding penalties is final. Player injuries can typically affect bets specific to a player's individual performance, be it in a team sport or a 1-vs-1 match. If the last goal of the game is an own goal, then the second last goal of the game will be considered the winner for the Last Goalscorer market. Otherwise, bets will be void. These rules apply for NHL, any NHL sanctioned events, AHL, NCAA, PWHL, ECHL and other North American Ice Hockey Leagues. Notre Dame is classified as independent and not belonging to any conference for settlement purposes. All markets will be settled with the result at the end of regular time (60 minutes) unless otherwise stated. If either teams innings in a limited overs match is reduced by more than 20% of the original allocation of overs then all bets on this market will be void. If a match is tied and the official competition rules do not determine a winner, bets on the outright result will be void unless the outcome is settled by a bowl off or super over (in which case the result of the bowl off or super over will stand for match betting). All markets will be settled with the final result by volleyball rules. if the second try scored in a match is a penalty try and the third try is scored by Paul Smith, then Paul Smith will be deemed the winner for the second and third tries. However, should a game be shortened due to bad weather or similar, live betting markets which have been unequivocally determined will stand (irrespective of the 8.5 Innings Rule or whether or not an official league result has been confirmed). Offside is awarded to the player deemed to be in an offside position where a free kick is awarded. To the extent there is any inconsistency between the general rules contained in this Part B, Section 8 and the Specific Sports Rules applying to a specific event, the following general rules will prevail: Major League Soccer, English Premier League, FIFA World Cup Finals, French Ligue 1, German 1. The fourth quarter does not include overtime. First Color Potted The first color legally potted scoring its own value (i.e. . Match Betting: All bets will be settled on 60/70 minutes play respectively at the prices advertised. In case two or more players tie dead heat rules apply. If the market ends in a tie, bets on all other selections will be losers. Weekly/Daily specials: All relevant games must be played to a natural completion for wagers to stand. And even though Jacobs didn't truly take off until having a career year last season, the idea of adding the league's leading rusher had its appeal. In the event of a match not taking place or is cancelled or the starting but not being completed all bets are void and wagers will be refunded. Markets can tend to fluctuate in price quite often which can sometimes lead to the Odds Boost price not representing any enhanced value in comparison to its original markets. Leader after the first lap, for Settlement purposes the winner is deemed to the driver leading the race as they cross the start/finish line after one classified lap (warm up lap not included). For over/under draft position markets under means the player is chosen with a pick that is less than the designated number and over would be after that designated number, for example a market of Player A over/under draft position 3.5, if Player A is picked with the second pick of the draft than under bets would win and over bets lose. For settlement purposes, the team listed second in the event name is considered the Home Team, even if the game takes place at a neutral venue. Should the scheduled number of rounds be changed before the fight, all Round Betting bets will be voided. This market will be settled based on which team scores the highest score in a single innings of the applicable test series. For all MLB player markets, wagers will be void as per below (unless explicitly stated in market specific rules): Pitcher Markets: If the listed pitcher does NOT start the game. If the venue is changed from the one advertised, all bets on that match will still have action (unless it is also postponed to over 48 hours from scheduled kick off). Placed balls count unless otherwise stated. All outright markets which state Regular Season (or similar) are deemed to mean the official standings of teams after all matches of the predetermined season are played and before any playoff matches have commenced. In fights where the scheduled number of rounds changes, all bets will stand unless the result would be automatically determined by the change in the number of rounds (in which case, such bets will be voided). Official match sheets will be used for settlement purposes. Win Only. For bets on first goalscorer of the match, goal doesn't need to be scored in 1st quarter. The only exceptions are for matches that are played for a lesser duration (e.g. If a race, match or Map is replayed, all live betting on the original race, match or Map will be voided, Match Betting: If a draw occurs, bets are void. If Team A win by three or more goals then all bets on Team A will be winners and bets on Team B will be losers. FanDuel reserves the right to void or stand any bet inadvertently accepted after the betting has closed or where the event was resolved or at a stage where the customer could have any indication of the outcome. They do not include walks, HBPs, reach on errors, or fielder's choices. Should a team not compete the required number of games, all wagers on regular season win markets will be void. Outright bets will be settled based on the winning boxer who lifts the trophy. If a batsman retires hurt but returns later, the total runs scored by that batsman in the innings will count for settlement purposes. Card Index Match Bet refers to which teams gets the most Card Index points during the match. If a match is decided by a Champions tie-break then the Champions tie-break will be considered to be the third set. However, if change of venue is not dealt with in the Specific Sports Rules then the following shall apply: For any team sport: if the scheduled venue is changed after a bet is placed, all bets will be void only if the new venue is a home ground of the original away team (or in the case of international matches, only if the venue changes to a venue in a different country). Outright Drivers Championship will be deemed as action when driver has qualified for at least 27 races. There are three sessions per day in test cricket. Should the highest scoring inning occur in extra innings, innings 1-9 will be considered losers. What will happen in the next minute. If a team's innings in a test match or county championship match lasts less than sixty overs due to external factors then bets on this market will be void. If the player fails to score the first goal of the match but does score a goal in the match then the bet stake is returned. All totals are inclusive of overtime. See the Help page for more details on when Cash Out may not be available. A player must play 3 holes in a market for bets to stand. If a player withdraws or is disqualified before the cut is made the other player is deemed the winner. If the event is cancelled or takes place after this period, bets will be voided. Own goals do not count for all markets; in the 1st/last goalscorer markets if an own goal is scored the winner will be settled on the next goalscorer. Participants must pass the starting line/gate in order for bets to stand otherwise bets will be voided and stakes returned. If a substitute is not on the field before the first try is scored then bets on that player will be void. For example, if the ball completely crosses the goal-line but the goal is not awarded because, for example a foul occurred before the ball crossed the line or because the referee did not believe that the ball did cross the line, then a goal will not be deemed to have been scored. Double Result (Halftime/Fulltime): Resulted on score at half time and full time. If your Cash Out request is unsuccessful, a message will be shown which gives the reason why and a new Cash Out offer may be offered to you. will be void unless an official result is declared by those teams' governing body within 24 hours of postponement, in which case that official result will govern win-draw-win market settlement. If there is any reduction in overs, except where the innings reaching its natural conclusion, then all bets on the market will be void. All in play or not (i.e. Interception is where a player reads an opponents pass and intercepts the ball by moving into the line of the intended pass. In the event of a clear and obvious wording or pricing error for an Odds Boost, we will (in accordance with our usual settlement rules) aim to settle the bet at the price at which we intended to offer, and/or pursuant to the wording which was clearly intended to relate to, the relevant bet We reserve the right to withdraw any Odds Boosts and edit the respective odds on the enhanced price. However, FanDuel Sportsbook reserves the right to amend the settlement of the market if: The official result is different to the result on which FanDuel Sportsbook initially settled the market; or. Bets on time of the first/last goal, time of first corner, time of first booking and interval bets will be settled as the time shown by the major UK TV station broadcasting the match. If the game is played in an unusual format (e.g. Shots directly hitting the frame of the goal are not counted as shots on target unless the ball goes in and is awarded as a goal. an abandoned match) then all bets on that individual leg will be void and the parlay bet shall be adjusted accordingly. Olympic Field Hockey - Match betting will be settled based on the result at the end of 60 minutes. Will the projection be a DNP? Team A -0 & -0.5, Team A -0.5 & -1.0, Team A -1.0 & -1.5). Any Eagles or better will count for the birdies, and any Double Bogeys or worse will count for the bogeys, Any change of Hole par during the round, then all bets are void. If the Rugby World Cup official site fails to declare an official Man of the Match for any reason, all bets will be void. Foul conceded: A foul conceded is defined as any infringement that is penalized as foul play by a referee. Live Specials: An official no-hit game occurs when a pitcher (or pitchers) allows no hits during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings (minimum 27 outs) thrown by the pitcher(s). Regarding player markets. Statistics/Supercoach Markets: All bets on players not in the starting 13 will be void. Any shot that hits the frame multiple times (e.g. If a match is not completed for any reason then bets on 'any correct score' or 'next leg/game/set' market will be void unless the market has been unconditionally determined. Race to xth Goal - The winner will be the team to achieve the number of specified goals first. Extras (wides, no-balls, byes and leg byes) do count towards the number of runs scored. PGA: Not Active / Out. Bets will be settled based on official results provided by the league. Players and Teams will only receive Games Not Played Bonuses in series that include multiple games (such as playoff contests). Obvious errors include, but are not limited to, odds or prices offered that are clearly incorrect given the probability of an event occurring (or not occurring) or are significantly different than odds or prices offered in the general wagering marketplace for a given event or occurrence. For example - on a pass TD play, the receiver in the endzone is graded as the winner, not the QB. (See Section 12.1 for dead heat example), In Tournament match betting the winner will be the player with the highest placing at the end of the tournament, If both players miss the cut, then the one with the lowest score will be deemed the winner.