Lyon Healy Harps - Salvi Harps - Rees Harps (maker of the "Harpsicle") - Dusty Strings - Telynau Teifi. If you would like to advertise your instrument please forward a brief description, photo, asking price and contact details to This topic has 10 replies, 8 voices, and was last updated. FWIW, I did a LOT of investigation on the Teifi harps, talking to the gentlemen over in Wales on numerous occasions, and lots of emails. Regulated April 2022. $1310, The Morgan Meadow lap harp made by Reese Harps is a compact 23-string instrument that fits on your lap and in the overhead bin of most airplanes so it's perfect for traveling. Below are some nice used harps we have already SOLD. These elegantly carved brass blades are particularly intended for wire-strung harps with relatively thin strings compared to nylon or gut. Levers on F and C provide common keys for Celtic and folk music. I havent tried the models that youve narrowed down but I concur with the others about the Camac quality. C&F Robinson levers. That has become my decision as well. new felts, recently regulated. Includes case and tuning key.$5000, This Dusty Strings Crescendo 34 is only three years old but has been well-cared for and is in showroom condition. $3000, The Zephyr is a 22 string lap harp, meant for travel - it even fits in the overhead compartment on an airplane. The Harp-E String & Go only needs to be stringed and intonated. The rental harp that I returned to Morley Harps never even made it onto their website, as far as I can tell, so I am assuming it was sold very quickly (it was a lovely harp!). Etc. Best Delay Pedals On The Market: Top 15 Models! Follow the link below for details of the circular route you can walk around the woods. (2023). With personalised colours, carving and artwork, our harps come in all shapes and sizes perfectly suited to each individual. - Look at second-hand great quality harp : quality harps don't deteriorate if taken care of, so it's a real bargain. A high-quality sharping lever could have enough mass and rigidity so that it doesnt dissipate the string energy and, instead, forces the vibrations back down to the soundboard where they belong. A finish qualified as polished. Teifi Harps, Wales; Thormahlen Harps, Oregon ; Waring Harps, Vermont; Wm. Structural problems with harps tend to show themselves after lets say three years. Carmarthenshire. Cherry Wood, staved back, full Loveland levers. Visconti Foster ( Oil Tan ) - 13.3" Laptop Bag / Leather String Bag, Visconti Rhino ( Oil Tan ) - Large Leather Backpack, Siff Saff, Robyn, Boncath and Telor Lever Gauge, Teifi Telor and Gwennol with Standard Pedal Gauge Strings. Teifi Harps 8.4K views14 years ago Telynau Teifi Jingle Segments Play all After learning about harp techniques AND practising the simple beginner lessons, you are now ready to move onto the. Why venture across the pond when there are loverly harps in my back yard. I have been enjoying my Salvi Titan and you all helped make my dream of being able to own a harp a reality!. Second Hand Harps For more information regarding any of the harps below (unless specified), to book a viewing, or to list a harp to sell, please contact the Pilgrim Harps - 01342 893242 Harps listed in ascending price order (mobiles list pedal harps then lever harps) PEDAL HARPS Grecian 1,800 Description: This is a beautiful Grecian Harp. As usual, I recommend this website to get an idea of what you want. Requires special tools for regulation, which can be ordered from the manufacturer or Camac levers local distributor. By the way, I named my harp Marguerite, as all the roadsides were full of these flowers when I went to visit the Teifi workshops. Freshly roasted coffee. We Answer All The Essential Questions About It! Cons: -After shipping, comes in at about $3,400, much higher than the base price in the UK and Wales. Exclusive about other approaches to harp playing, This contains a negative or exclusive attitude towards other approaches to harp playing. Built in 1921. Deering Goodtime 2 Banjo Review (2023) Great Instrument! It is an honor to be a part of the team at our website dedicated to stringed instruments, and I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge with our readers as well. Best Hricane Ukuleles Models Review for 2023, Best Way How to Play Sweater Weather on Ukulele, Finest Banjo Ukulele on Market Best for 2023, Pedalboard Tips: How To Choose and Awesome 6 Tips! Were often asked: is the Harp difficult to learn? and the answer is no. Pedal Harps Full Rees Levers. 2) Teifi Siff Saff 34 2000 Aberystwyth Harp Levers and Best of Harp Sharping Levers for 2023, Best Sharping Lever Harps That You Need to Know. Are there any cosmetic imperfections? Please feel free to emailif you have any questions. Based in the heart of West Wales, Teifi Harps continue the long tradition of harp making in Wales - building on 60 years of tradition and innovation. That way you get a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (which in fact is only a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee, as you would have to pay for the return costs after 14 days (within the 30 day period). Heres the announcement on their Facebook page, as their website has been disabled: To all our dear friends, colleagues and customers, We realise that this may come as a shock to many of you, but it is with incredible sadness and great regret that we have to inform you that due to circumstances entirely beyond our control, our wonderful team at Telynau Teifi have had to hang up their tools for the final time this week. Case is available from Triplett for $320. and then, COVID. I dont know the service UK harp shops offer though. For more information, please see our I dont know what Brexit will mean for the prices of Camac (from France, completely made in France) and Salvi (from Italy, though several parts are being made in China) and Lyon & Healy (officially from the US, but L&H is owned by Salvi and several parts aremade in China; these harps reach Europe through Italy). Of the brand studio - A production technique mentioned as 'pottery' - Including: small, bowl - Used. We have done our utmost to safeguard and record the traditional techniques used so that at the very least the legacy of our founder Allan Shiers will not be lost. Lots of the harp makers and dealers all in one place, Absolutely Agee with what has been said so far : These levers are often installed on Josephus rental instruments, however, might sometimes be found on used harps. Types of harps. Up to 6 months rent credit can be applied to Consignment Harps. The Harp Centre of Wales, Marble Terrace, Llandysul, Dyfed, SA44 4DT Even cheaper: There is one simple way to have your teacher test a harp. Im in Cornwall in the U.K. and bought a Teifi Eos at the end of 2019. It serves as well for a young student as it does for a more advanced player's travel instrument. New bass wire strings, other strings recent and in good condition, Designed by Teifi Harps of Wales, one of many premier harp makers, these levers are engineered to offer a very smooth and quiet up (on) and down (off) lever action, producing an unimpaired tone. Please contact David by phone or email to dicuss these instruments. $4720, This harp is a rare find. Grass is always greener, they say. Walnut. Note: We do not ship harps. The Hermine is a great instrument at under 2000 I have two and 3 of my pupils also have them. 49 at tallest point. Economical. Happy harping. Cherry & Mahogany finish. Are there any visible, cracks especially at the neck? Cefn Llan Science Park You may google How to select a lever harp to get an impression of the things that may be of interest to you. Like the game, it might take a lifetime to master, but the harps gentle voice is forgiving; the notes come easily and whether you are playing melodies or harmonizing youll find the harp to be easily navigated to create a wonderful musical experience. Interesting vintage postcard. Regulated June 2022. We also sell Visconti leather bags to store & carry your harp strings. Base cover and dust cover included. It comes with detachable legs, a padded carrying case, tuning key and tuning device. The Harp-E has 24 silkgut strings and 24 wooden levers. Hoffwn estyn diolch yn fawr iawn in holl ffrindiau, cwsmeriaid a chefnogwyr sydd wedi gwerthfawrogi ein hofferynnau, a gobeithiwn yn fawr y bydd gwneuthurwyr newydd yn y dyfodol i barhau r etifeddiaeth hon. Asks for fingering advice on sheet music. Pedal harps, also called concert harps, have pedals on the floor that allow harpists to play flat and sharp notes. - Always try a harp out before buying it because internet videos simply don't give you enough info to go on. I love that rich tone! Hours: Wide spaced. Despite its small size, it delivers a bright clear tone that carries well. Im a College Music Professor (Voice) who took up the harp in my old age (why does that sound so bizarre- Were only in our mid-60s! This one was rarely played and looks like a new harp. Nylon or gut strings? Capital reserves are ring-fenced for capital investment. I realise how expensive good quality harps are to produce so Im not complaining, just being honest about my situation. The triple harp is a type of multi-course harp employing three parallel rows of strings instead of the more common single row. Rydym wedi gwneud ein gorau glas i ddiogelu a chofnodir technegau traddodiadol a ddefnyddiwyd fel na fydd o leiaf etifeddiaeth ein sylfaenydd Allan Shiers yn cael ei golli. For example, a string tuned to F when the sharping lever is neutral becomes an F# when the sharping lever is engaged or, more interestingly, for individuals who wish to have the key of F in their harp, a string tuned to B-flat when the lever is neutral becomes B-natural when the lever is actuated. And if youve ever played piano, well, the harp is a keyless piano so note reading will be a breeze. It sports a full set of Truitt levers for easy access to any key and comes with a deluxe carrying case, harp stand and tuning key. A theme mythical creatures but also an item qualified as 'dragon patterned side plate' as well as a subtype 'dragon patterned side plate' , a countryregion of manufacture equivalent to 'united kingdom' , Welsh dragon plate. The levers are held to the neck with two Torx machine screws (one in the very high treble). The cam pivots on a rivet, which can loosen with use but could be adjusted by compressing the rivet with a hammer tap. They cannot be returned after three days from purchase. Rent credit cannot be applied towards the purchase. It sports a full set of Truitt levers for easy access to any key and comes with a deluxe carrying case, harp stand and tuning key. Solid spruce un-veneered soundboard has several small horizontal separations which are to be expected and should not be a problem. Rydym yn falch iawn o'r offerynnau yr ydym wedi'u gwneud a'r cyfeiriadau newydd yr ydym wedi gwthio'r delyn fel offeryn traddodiadol Cymreig. This gives you the opportunity to find out what you really like (or dont like) in a harp. This contains copyright material/photos of sheet music. I worried about spending so much money but it is the best thing I ever did. It is just as easy for a beginner to learn on our large harps as it is on the small ones. Ceredigion Wales Amazon Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to 50 tall, approximately 18 lbs. . We have an online shop selling harp music and strings Come and visit us at the Edinburgh Harp Festival 7th - 11th April 2023 I sold this harp to this family in 1985. Have a look at this:, Of the two harps you mention, the siff saff is FAR superior to the Hempson. The data published accurately represents police responsiveness to people in urgent emergency situations and we continue to work with BT to expand on the 999 data that we publish. Teifi Harps. Camac levers can activate two fret pins that maintain the string centered and aligned. This action will also remove this member from your connections and send a report to the site admin. Whether you are new to music or have a lifetime of playing behind you, the Celtic Harp is one of the most immediately rewarding instruments you can play. Lightweight yet remarkably resilient, I am continually impressed with the big, beautiful sound that this travel-friendly harp produces. Sharping levers achieve this by shortening the vibrating length of the string to a specific amount with an added fret while slightly stretching the string. Look at second-hand great quality harp : quality harps dont deteriorate if taken care of, so its a real bargain. All have a fantastic sound. Little or no tone distortion is present. Each harp we offer has been carefully vetted by harp professionals in our region and we sell them with their explicit endorsement. This lightweight economy lever might make the tone somewhat dull and will not be a good selection for higher-tension strings, however, its a sound choice for lighter instruments. This seems to be the best option for what Im looking for, but Id love any input if anyone knows anything about this harp . Fixed to the neck with a hex head machine screw (some makers use wood screws), the Loveland is discovered on many high-quality harps. Full Loveland levers, padded case. Three-piece cover set, harp cart. Cherry wood with Autumn leaf wood ornamentation. 25 years old. Series 1 Gwenan Gibbard and Robin Huw Bowen visit the Teifi Harps Factory in Llandysul, where Allan Shiers is passing the traditional skills of harp-making on to the next generation. Totally rebuilt in 1993 (neck, action, soundboard, base frame). 1) They (Teifi) are in Vermont Violins is proud to offer harps from these fine instrument makers: By popular demand, we are pleased to offer fine Celtic style lever harps for rent or purchase. We run an incentive harp rental scheme for adults and young learners, stock a wide range of strings, music and accessories, and operate an efficient mail order service. Asking $14,900. Dusty Strings Crescendo 34. I guess I will have to wait and see how she (or he) strikes me. - Make a list of what you really want in a harp in terms of sound and feel. Natural finish. Rees levers, which are the newest of the group, have a lever that meets identical performance standards but at a fraction of the price. Used. And also of importance, one you can sit behind comfortably (some harps sound nice, but can, depending on your length and build, cause problems with your back and/or shoulders). The sharping groove is built-in into the cam and one size suits all but the fattest strings. Email: [emailprotected], I would like to be emailed about offers, events and updates from Cambrian News. Other than that Im not really sure what to look for. New in December of 1951. This contains inappropriate or offensive content or speech. Slightly smaller than their Grand Concert models but the lowest note is C. Good condition. (2023). Full Loveland levers, padded case. As we continue to protect and grow quality local journalism, Cambrian News is considering experimenting in the future with some form of paid-for content on our website. This looks like a really well priced harp from an established brand. Green coloured stripes. Making the national instrument in Wales, Teifi Harps are built with the experience of almost sixty years of harp making and design. Bubbinga with maple soundboard veneer. 3. It has been well cared for by a single owner and is priced to sell. Sign up to get the latest harp news, new issue announcements, freebies, and more! Built in 1994 of bubinga wood with a primo tiger maple soundboard veneer, it is fully loaded with abalone inlay around the soundboard, sides, and a celtic knot on the pillar so it shimmers from every angle. The current Crescendos have 34 strings and screw on legs. Come in, call or email! Like new. Click on an image to see a larger picture, Telynau Teifi Robyn Harp 34 lever excellent condition. It took a bit of finding and I kept it for some months before sending it back to Wales with my son who was at University in Aberystwyth. With levers in C's and F's it can be played in several common keys. Pay only the first months rent and delivery upfront. LOL. My name is Bill, and I am a musician and music enthusiast who has a deep love and passion for anything and everything stringed that moves my soul. Bright or deep sound? The public is entitled to high quality information on financial reserves: Hello Oxalis, Kentucky KM-150 Mandolin New 2023 Review! Lightly used, new in 2020. I was considering renting the Siff Saff for three months as Teifi subtracts that as credit from the final price if you decide to buy. Its most likely best to keep away from these or replace them if the harp is otherwise satisfactory. We prefer to sell harps to people who can try them in person first. The design permits relatively simple regulation. E.g, I love Camac harps and found: With 2 harps within your price range. Hand painting Our passion is creating an eclectic mix of harps to suit individuals, catering for all ages, abilities and genres. What else comes with it string chart, tuning wrench, etc.? 1) They (Teifi) are in WALES! For questions about this website, please contact us via our contact page. Note: listings on our website are free and all harps are for sale by private owners. 10.5 Lbs. Read our. Our Story. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It ends up being cheaper in the long run because you buy the harp you really want, instead of buying harps again and again. Sharping harp levers (its not, a sharpening lever) are a tool that raises the pitch of the string by one-half step. Fforgot to mention. Salvi Una -. Sharping Levers additionally provides assistance for accidentals when needed. Up to 6 months rent credit can be applied to Consignment Harps. Ethical sust~, Freshly roasted coffee. A recent entrant from France, the Delacour uses two discs/pins to engage the string, just like the discs on a pedal harp. There could be perfectly acceptable harps and yet be negatives to these questions. Despite its small size, it delivers a bright clear tone that carries well. SECOND HAND HARPS Click here to download the latest harp register It is just 25 to list your harp for sale - or just 20 for policy-holders. (2023). Ethical sustainable. Teifi Harps Harp making at Teifi Harps Centre River Outdoor Outdoors Outdoor Games The Great Outdoors The Teifi valley in winter, this is where the Harp Centre of Wales is situated Teifi Harps Harp making at Teifi Harps School Building Old School Cabin Night House Styles Working into the night at the harp centre of wales. Cenarth carmarthenshire teifi GLASGOW eBay Price: 5.99 Product condition: Used See details Teifi stanzl Delivered anywhere in UK Amazon - Since today Price: 0.99 Product condition: New See details River teifi from UK eBay Price: 5.00 Product condition: Used See details Dole teifi Delivered anywhere in UK Amazon - Since today Price: 0.99 2,972 likes. It was in great shape (although I didnt know enough to recognize it at the time!). This contains non-harp related content or the author has used incorrect communication channels related to their issue or question. The not-for-profit community enterprise was founded in 2004 by harp maker Allan Shiers. Show. I need to check that out. If you are buying your first harp or looking to add a new one, then shop for new or used harps on eBay. Do tell! Number . Re-strung and regulated. Excellent condition with one cosmetic bump. Saturday 10am-5pm, Online Store Email: Make a list of what you really want in a harp in terms of sound and feel. (2023), Fretboard Types Guide Heres All You Need To Know! Siff Saff, Robyn, Boncath and Telor Lever Gauge. 1,600.00. I have also visited their workshops several times and tried their other models. Harps are very important to Wales. If you want to buy or sell a used harp please contact us. This lever has received rave opinions from numerous well-known luthiers. With this precious legacy in mind, The Harp Centre of Wales aims to ensure that harp-making skills are kept alive, and actually thrive . If you dont have an account yet, youll need toemail usto set one up. You can also look at Salvi and Dusty Strings. The cherry wood is a rich deep color and the rose overlay adds an elegant touch to the soundboard. I dont know how things are in the UK, but where I live I got a warranty of a year on each of my second hand harps. 7. Dusty Strings Allegro 26. Due to current string shortages from our main supplier, Bow Brand Strings, we are currently unable to takeorders. Please contact David by phone or email to dicuss these instruments. I live on the other side of the UK to most of the distributors so going with my teacher isnt really an option. This contains unwanted criticism or feedback. The instruments in our Consignment Shop are offered to you as an opportunity to find gems in the rough. If youd like to help shape how that may look and secure some free credits if we do go live then please register. So what is everybody else using? Dusty Strings FH36S with Abalone Celtic Knot Gold Style 23 #3751 - Sale pending Inquire for Availability Specialties: Offering harps for sale from the heart of West Wales, Teifi Harps is a not-for-profit community enterprise built on 60 years experience of harp making design and innovation. Strings Kings is a website where you will be able to find bunch of information on any stringed instrument. Please allow a few minutes for this process to complete. Spare wound strings. Please note: This item is no longer being offered for sale! New in 2005. Reasonable offers considered. Designed in the Nineteen Eighties by Peter Brough of Britain, these are very solid cast bronze that minimizes distortion. and our This version does not have legs. Telynau Teifi Harps make harps using craftsmanship that has been handed down through generations, from master harp makers to their apprentices. Anyway, ask your teacher for advice. Another suggestion: rent a harp before you buy one. Excellent condition. It comes with detachable legs, a padded carrying case, tuning key and tuning device. Levers pivot on a steel compression pin, which can need a drop of machine oil if heavily used. In some rare cases, shipping can be arranged. A few years back they lost touch with a rental Harp here in France and they asked me to help them recover it, a Teifi Eos. 3 . One common version is the Welsh triple harp ( Welsh: telyn deires ), used today mainly among players of traditional Welsh folk music . It is available to view and may be played by anyone who would like to test the quality. It was new in 2015. Bright or deep sound? Rees, Truitt levers, and Camac levers voice very cleanly and provide some flexibility in string diameter. Fitted with unique Teifi Harps semi tones. Launched by Camac of France, these levers have turned into extremely popular on high-end instruments. Venus is no longer in business and will not answer questions about or do work on their harps. This contains self-promotional material or items that are for sale. Natural wood or stained coloured versions available. A check list or questions for buying a used harp: Was it made by an established harp maker and when? A lever harp to take you from beginner to intermediate and beyond. The cherry wood of the neck, pillar and body has darkened to a rich color and the solid spruce soundboard gives a huge sound from a small harp. The quality of the harp cases that we have made for us by Jenart Design are second to none. Does anyone know whether the levers are good quality? T: (802) 862-0349. I live in the USA, and even checked in with a Vermont Violin shop who used to carry them. For sale openly. A large impressive lap harp. Lowest note G below middle C. Truitt Levers on C & F strings. You may have a look at Morleys at: (but at the moment, theres no second hand 34 string harp). But I myself, would prefer a Camac harp, because of their nice price, balanced sound, great levers and their 5 year guarantee. ~, Selection pack. Compared to the newer models the body is slightly less deep with less wood in the fore pillar. In United-Kingdom, used, by Baronofgreen , Teifi valley railway. The offset design and smooth action permit a player to change several simultaneously with ease. Personally I wouldnt be confident in my ability to assess a second hand when buying from a private owner, but Id be happy to buy one from a reputable harp shop. Allan has been making harps for over 40 years and was an apprentice to the late renowned harp maker John Weston Thomas. Often, a rental from a reputable shop comes with nice opportunities to get part (or even all) of your rental money back if you buy the harp (or sometimes even another harp) within a certain period, lets say half a year. Triplett Zephyr. Ive seen tv shows about Cornwall and it just seems like a beautiful place! Harp strings for most lever and pedal harps, plus tuning keys, electronic tuners, harp mics & pickups. Thats really helpful. We appraise them and make sure they are in tip top shape to provide value for our customers. 2022 International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen. Check out this lovely 2nd hand Gwennol for sale on our website: Second hand Gwennol, as new condition - Second hand Lever harps Second hand harps Second hand Gwennol, as new condition - Second hand Lever harps It would be great if she would accompany you to select a quality harp within your price range that would keep you happy for many years. It is finished in Matt black with an ash soundboard and has no marks or damage to the woodwork. Like wil-weten I have Camac harps (3 of them over the years) and I am absolutely happy with them, I live in France so its the obvious choice, their technical support is outstanding. A countryregion of manufacture of the type wales and also to an origin mentioned as wales just as this product are a handmade. I think I just need to put all the harp makers in a hat and close my eyes and pick. Big, warm, even sound. With Ukulele Capos You Can Achieve Perfect Chord Changes, Guitar Bridge Types Learn Everything About Them! -Student model and 34 strings (still a lot, but less than the Una). Making the national instrument in Wales, Teifi Harps are built with the experience of almost sixty years of harp making and design. Nestled deep in the Welsh valleys, Telynau Teifi Harps are now globally respected for how they carry on the Welsh history and tradition of harp making and their stunning sounds. 34 strings. Additional levers can be added. If she cant accompany you, its important to have a checklist of all the things you need to know when selecting a second hand harp. New in 2000. Dusty Strings FH36B. It is available to view and may be played by anyone who would like to test the quality. We have a constantly changing inventory. In excellent condition, this harp is ready to travel with you. The sharping levers allow the harper to play in different keys without having to retune the instrument. Pros: -Well rounded and even tone. Lowest note F. Nylon strings. The longer cam handles specially used by Dusty Strings are now a standard feature on all their levered harps. New in 2011. Who owned it and how often has it been played? Police Scotland's performance metric is to have a mean answering . Teifi Harps announced on social media last week that the business was to hang up its tools "due to circumstances entirely beyond our control". A production technique -> pottery. Forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland aim to answer 90% of 999 calls within ten seconds.
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