Both witnesses - who were friends with Neil and drug users themselves - were prepared to testify should this man be tried for the murder. Some of the victims were brutally tortured, or horrifically mutilated or cut up. This meant doing away with large plots of dried-out farmland in a prescribed burn to prepare for the upcoming spring bloom. A man who donned a balaclava and stormed a man's Adelaide CBD unit, stabbing him within nine seconds, will spend 20 years behind bars. Millhouse would have Peter intended to skip school and meet his uncle (similar age) in Rundle Mall. Unfortunately, Richard Kelvin would never make it home. This ultimately resulted in a victory for Dr. Peter Millhouse's attorneys, earning the man an acquittal and his freedom. He vividly remembered hearing a young voice shout out (which we can assume was Richard) and a group of voices screaming in protest, almost in unison. High profile lawyer and murder victim Derrance Stevenson regularly entertained teenage youths. Show True Crime Conversations, Ep The Family Murders Of Adelaide - 10 Nov 2021. Over the next few days, it became apparent that Alan Barnes was not returning home. Unlike other drugs, Mandrax was heavily-regulated, meaning that police could search through government records to find out who had a prescription, and whether or not they appeared on their suspect lists. It was at around this time - the end of August - that Investigator Rod Hunter finally got around to interviewing Bevan Spencer von Einem, the man implicated by an anonymous caller in the murder of Alan Barnes. This conflict has endured because Alan's bloodstream also showed signs of alcohol consumption, which Alan had participated in that same weekend. The bodies were found from 24th June 1979 and the fifth and last body on 24th July 1983. Although there were in excess of 150 youths and young men who were drugged and raped, often by multiple men, this section focuses on the five young men who didnt come home. Alan lived with his parents, both English immigrants, in Salisbury: a northern suburb of Adelaide. This caller told detectives that a man named Bevan Spencer von Einem was responsible for Alan's death, and his name was added to the list of potential suspects to explore. Witnesses would later recall having seen the two at some of the area's gay bars and clubs (which I referenced just a moment ago). Eventually, Peter's parents discovered the plot among Peter and his friend to skip school, and conveyed this information to the police - who were just as alarmed as they were. While changes in Southern Australia's draconian laws had decriminalized homosexuality, there were still people eager to prey on or harass gay men and women - behavior that lingers to this day. Hours would begin to pass, and Alan would fail to return home at all that Sunday. Its always easier to visualise events when you have maps. The next day was a Sunday, they both planned to hitchhike to Alan's home in Salisbury. Victims - The Family Murders Victims Alan Barnes Feb 12, 2021 The night before he went missing he stayed at Darko Kastelan's house in Cheltenham. This theory is that whatever item had been used to sexually assault Mark with - which ultimately led to his death - had gotten caught up in his intestines, and required surgery to retrieve. Five young men who were drugged, viciously raped and tortured, kept captive for up to five weeks, horrifically mutilated, and ultimately murdered. SA convicted murderer Bevan Spencer Von Einem during the jury's tour of North Adelaide dumping spot of Richard Kelvin's body. But he then set off again, likely headed towards the distant Rundle Mall, where he was due to meet up with his friend, Daniel, that day. We know, from the 2014-2017 Royal Commission, that Debi Marshall's count of 150 disappeared boys in Adelaide is miniscule compared to the number tens of thousands of victims who stepped forward once they were invited by the RC. He remembered going to a back room of the house to have sex with one of the older women, only to discover - during the act itself - that she was transgender. He had been sexually assaulted and went on to report this bizarre, terrifying incident to police. The convicted killer and notorious head of "The Family" ring who picked up hitchhikers and schoolboys to drug and offer to South Australia's elite to sexually abuse has broken his 20-year silence, to blame his victim, and to claim innocence over other murders. Rather than have to read the whole site, or miss updates in the case because you dont know they exist, this section will show time-stamped updates so you can keep up to date with developments. Darko's brother dropped them at a bus stop near the corner of on Grand Junction Rd and Addison Neil Muir was last seen in Hindley St, Adelaide in the company of Dr Peter Leslie Millhouse at 3pm on the day he was murdered. [14] The hair around the area had been shaved as it would have been in an operation in a hospital. von Einem is serving life imprisonment. Bevan Spencer von Einem is serving a life sentence for one of those murders. The head was tied to the torso with rope passed through the mouth and out through the neck. But now, they needed to find a suspect. This argument would carry on for a few minutes, while the trio was parked along War Memorial Drive, overlooking the Torrens River. There was not much to connect them, other than the graphic sexual nature of the crimes, and months would continue to pass before this story would begin to surface again in the public eye. However, the medical examiners in Adelaide concluded definitively that Alan had died several hours before this happened. While police began to investigate who might be responsible for this heinous crime, medical examiners testing the body made a pretty shocking discovery: the presence of drugs in his blood. But a discovery by the medical examiner seemed to undermine that: in addition to all of this, Neil's genitals had been mutilated by his killer. There are also notorious unsolved disappearances in Adelaide, including the Beaumont children. He likely did this to hide it from his parents, in case they made it home before he did. Suspect 3, an Eastern Suburbs doctor. Add onto that abductions, drug-lacing, mutilations, victims held in captivity for weeks, and death by sado-masochism. March 3, 2023 - 7:08PM. He had been killed elsewhere and then transported to this location postmortem, implying that the killer had a base of operations for his or her dark deeds. Trace evidence, including hair and fibres from von Einem's home, was found on Kelvin's body and clothing. Alan and his friend bid adieu to one another, with his friend assured that Alan would be okay; Grand Junction Road was always busy and teeming with life, and it wasn't like he was leaving Alan in the middle of the night. This was commonly found in the drug Noctec, which was an over-the-counter pharmaceutical used to aid people with sleep problems, which had been given to Alan sometime before his death. However, instead of charging them with any known crimes, the officers proceeded to throw the three men into the nearby Torrens River. [8] The reward carried an offer of immunity to accomplices, dependent on their level of involvement. Detective O'Brien was the unfortunate one tasked with notifying the Kelvins that Richard's body had been found; which he describes in his book as one of the most heartbreaking duties he's ever had to endure. On Saturday, February 27th, 1982, Mark attended a friend's 18th birthday party in Windsor Gardens, a neighborhood in northeastern Adelaide. Neil Fredrick Muir, aged 25,[12][13] murdered two months after Barnes in August 1979. For obvious reasons, he didn't tell his parents, setting out that morning with his backpack and heading off like any other day. Neil Muir had been missing for less than 24 hours by the time his body was discovered, and because he was an adult that lived alone, police were already at a disadvantage when it came to trying to figure out what happened to him. The following morning, however, is a different story. Richard's family disputed this, vigorously denying the notion that Richard would have run away of his own accord. He had school the next day, dinner was waiting, and he wanted to call his girlfriend. Whatever it was, it looked like a human body but was somehow twisted and contorted in an inhuman nature. He was seen in the presence of individuals who would become relevant later on, but - at the time - were simply believed to have been his friends. "The Family murders" occurred in the period of time between the late 1970s and 1980s. Many of these people were directly involved in the abductions and rape of victims who survived. The male and female drove off but returned At about 6pm on a Sunday afternoon, Richard walked his friend to the bus stop on O'Connell St, North Adelaide. It was the body of Neil Muir or, rather, what remained of him. In 2014 when Trevor passed away, his diaries were recovered. His head had also been removed from the rest of his body, but was placed in its own separate black trash bag and connected with a rope tie to the rest of the remains. On Saturday, June 16th, 1979, Alan spent the night at a friend's house. This meant that his remains had likely been sitting out in the wilderness for about a week. The final two - Mark Langley and Richard Kelvin - had disappeared just blocks away from one another. There, George was plied with beers and other alcoholic beverages while the older women flirted with him. That was believed to have been Neil's cause-of-death, same as Alan Barnes. So prosecutors and the police began to build their case around Millhouse without his cooperation, including witness statements that alleged the two had been together the weekend before Neil's violent death. The Family were not an official group, gang, or organisation. This group was believed to be involved in the kidnapping and sexual abuse of a number of teenage boys and young men, as well as the torture and murder of five young men aged between 14 and 25, in Adelaide, South Australia, in the 1970s and 1980s. Following the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1975, Adelaide began to be known as one of the more progressive cities in all of Australia. Unfortunately, information gathered by police that fateful Tuesday began to cast doubt on the idea that Richard had willingly chosen to run away from home. Police had still not linked the two cases - Barnes and Neil Muir - but while being questioned about the first murder, von Einem inquired about the second without any provocation. This caller alleged that the two older men had been driving around a 1963 EJ Holden sedan. The older driver not only offered to give George a ride but offered to show him a good time with some ladies he knew. The two were hiking through the area near the South Para Reservoir when they noticed something on the ground. The body count had essentially doubled within a couple of months, and police were still unsure whether or not the cases were related. The Family Murders revolved around von Einem. This period saw the creation of gay clubs in Adelaide (such as a location known as the Mars Bar) and other clubs where all sexualities were welcome (such as the Duke of York or Buckingham Arms, known in the area as "The Buck"). Peter Stogneff. A thrash metal band singer and members of his family were killed in an apparent murder-suicide late last month, according to police. George Duncan, one of the three men thrown into the Torrens, would drown that evening. Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is perhaps most well known for its beautiful, scenic landscape, which is wedged in-between the Adelaide Foothills to the east, the coastline that runs along the west and down into the southern cape, and expanse of vast Australia that lies to the north. The periphery of The Family is a grey area. They phoned police that evening, hoping that their son's whereabouts could be chalked up to a simple miscommunication. He was able to exploit and manipulate enablers, helpers and participants over a long period of time. But his teachers recalled him being absent, and hours would pass that afternoon (heading into the evening) and Peter would fail to return home. They wanted to continue eliminating suspects that personally knew Alan ahead of time, but promised to check out von Einem in the future. A post-mortem examination revealed that Barnes had died of massive blood loss from an anal injury, likely caused by the insertion of a large blunt object. Things then came full circle when he began using heroin again, and shortly thereafter, followed that up with a dependence on Rohypnol ("roofies", commonly known as the date-rape drug). [4][5] In 1989, von Einem was charged with the murders of two other victims, Barnes and Langley, but the prosecution entered a nolle prosequi (voluntarily discontinue criminal charges) during the trial when crucial similar fact evidence was deemed inadmissible by the presiding judge. If you have information about the case then contact us through our contact page. Richard Dallas Kelvin, (born 4 December 1967) aged 15,[23] murdered in July 1983. From the outside looking in, von Einem was incredibly average. Over time Trevor kept diary records of his conversations with that suspect as well as another suspect. After doing away with his old, dried-up crops, the farmer was looking over his land when he came upon the now-charred remains of young Peter Stogneff. His friend likely just assumed that Peter had bailed on their plan, and likely gone to school that day. Suspect 2, a former male prostitute and close friend of von Einem known as Mr B. This is an analysis of the information provided by Wendy Roles and Greg McInerney in the book The Family Murders: Dissected The Timeline 25 Aug (Sat) Michael B sees band-aid on Neil's leg at the methadone clinic during the day. Progressive ideas began to spread out from Adelaide, but even then, progress itself was rather slow to catch on throughout large chunks of South Australia. Neil's numerous tattoos had also been cut away from his flesh, and those patches of inked skin had been placed into his chest cavity along with his severed limbs. Regardless, this information was incredibly helpful to police, who began to expand their interests to finding people in the area that drove similar vehicles. Richard was found wearing the same clothing that he had been wearing on the day of his disappearance, but in an unusual twist, was found to be wearing his family dog's collar. Analysis of Kelvin's bloodstream revealed traces of four hypnotic drugs,[11][26] including Mandrax and Noctec. His mother, Judy, would later describe him as being incredibly witty; "cheeky," as she describes in a 2006 documentary, going on to say that Alan was always quick on his feet, and would respond to any type of comment with something sarcastic and bitterly funny. Among friends, Alan had begun to smoke weed and experiment with new things, pushing himself to the limits of his comfort zone to discover who he was and what he enjoyed. The death of George Duncan would serve as a catalyst, eventually martyring Duncan himself and leading to repeals of South Australia's harsh anti-homosexuality laws. Neil's penis had been cut, and he was missing a testicle at the time of discovery. Homosexuality itself would become decriminalized just a few years later, in 1975, with the passing of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, making South Australia the first Australian state or territory where members of the LGBTQ community no longer had to fear government persecution. A cold case review was opened in March 2008 with a $1,000,000 reward available for anyone who provided information leading to a conviction. Five murders and over 150 rapes. Because homosexuality was still outlawed in Australia at this point, Vice officers would often detain individuals that they believed were loitering nearby known gay hotspots. Major Crimes was primarily responsible for serial killings, mass killings, and any other high-profile crimes that the local government wanted to be handled by a specialized task force. This site is constantly being updated as more is learned. However, they were able to learn from a witness that a young man matching Peter's description had been spotted at Tea Tree Plaza the morning of his disappearance, and had been in the company of an adult male. At the same time he was developing a network of people who made it possible for him to carry out his sexually sadistic fantasies. South Australia's overdue for another Because of this prime location, Adelaide has become one of the country's most populated areas, and more than a million Australians live in the city itself; which is split in half by the Torrens River, which runs through the center of Adelaide. Among those voices, he described, was a higher-pitched voice, which sounded almost feminine. He is 50 metres from his beautiful family home. The Family werent an official club or group, rather a loose collection of people with Bevan von Einem at the centre. While working for Major Crimes, Investigator O'Brien received an anonymous tip that Richard Kelvin was being held against his will in a caravan in the Adelaide Foothills. But he decided to instead head to a local mall, named Tea Tree Plaza, where Peter and his friends often hung out on the weekends. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 25, and most were found to have suffered brutal violence, sexual assaults, and/or body mutilation before their death The post-mortem revealed that Langley had died from a massive loss of blood from gross injuries to his anus, similar to Barnes. The son was fifteen when he was snatched from the street . He was the son of Channel 9 News host Rob Kelvin, who had just recently taken over the hosting gig after more than a decade of field reporting through the station and a radio affiliate. [5] Others, who have examined the cases, however, argue that there were many more victims. The older man in the driver's seat reached into the backseat and pulled out a beer from a cooler, offering it to George. The "Family Murders" *Warning: graphic content and mentions of sexual abuse ahead. [4][10], Some authorities do not recognise the term "The Family", stating that "[t]hey should not be given any title that infers legitimacy. The following Sunday, June 24th - one week after Alan had last been seen alive - a couple of hikers were bushwalking up in the area known as the Adelaide Foothills. Dylan John Kovarskis murdered Nathan Russell in 2021 . The 'Family murders' involved the killing and torture of five young men from the 1970s to the mid-1980s. When Dr. Millhouse's trial eventually commenced in the latter half of 1980 - more than a year after Neil Muir's murder - the prosecution continued to rely heavily upon their circumstantial evidence and witness statements, failing to establish any motive for the crime or provide any definitive evidence. He told officers what the two had been up to that weekend: hanging out on Saturday and into Sunday morning, before splitting up. The Family Murders is one of Australias most captivating true crime stories. The first of which was a very specific call alleging that two men - named Doug and Mark - were responsible for abducting Richard Kelvin. Police believe this murder is associated with other high profile murders commonly referred to in the media as the 'Family Murders'. Our locations section shows where all the events happened and where all the players lived. His remains had been dissected and neatly cut into many pieces, placed in a garbage bag and thrown into the Port River at Port Adelaide. Just a few months later, in June of 1982, the family of missing 14-year-old Peter Stogneff would finally get some resolution. Mandrax was quickly gaining notoriety as a drug used in the commission of date-rape crimes, and the local government decided that the best way to combat their usage was to keep them regulated so that they had a record of everyone that was prescribed them. He had a network of over 30 people. Even though he was nearly an adult at this point - and had a fair amount of independence in his life - this disappearance was deemed very out-of-the-ordinary. These details made it clear to police that this mutilation was not done simply for the killer's ease-of-mind, but indicated that they were a particularly savage killer that had likely committed similar crimes in the past. Unfortunately, it would later be determined that he would suffer in anguish for weeks before meeting eventually dying more than a month after his initial disappearance. Any person complicit in the abduction, rape and murders of the five victims, plus any person who visited the place of captivity when a victim was knowingly present, plus any person involved in the abduction, spiking and raping of teenage boys or young men with other members of The Family. For many, that meant gay-specific bars and clubs, where these individuals were allowed to socially express themselves honestly for the first time in their lives. Part One: The Murders Between 1979 and 1983, a series of heinous murders shocked Adelaide. However, when Neil Muir's body was discovered, his internal organs had been removed and were gone entirely, leading to police being unable to test his blood levels. Make no mistake, Bevan Spencer von Einem is the architect behind all these crimes. The Butchered Boys: This episode revisits Adelaide's notorious Adelaide Family Murders case, where six young Adelaide men were murdered during the 1970s and '80s. He had become so messed up on drugs and alcohol that a bouncer had to physically drag him outside of a bar, where he stumbled onto the pavement and struggled to get up. His body had been dissected into parts, with his internal organs carved out and missing, replaced by his lower legs and arms, which had been sawed off and placed inside of his hollowed-out chest cavity. 17-year-old Alan Barnes, 25-year-old Neil Muir, 14-year-old Peter Stogneff, 18-year-old Mark Langley and 15-year-old Richard Kelvin were later found dumped in the Adelaide Hills and surrounds. His body had been severely mutilated and dumped in the South Para Reservoir, northeast of Adelaide. It shows the facts and most likely scenarios, but is fluid so when new information comes to light changes can easily be made. Mr B - The Family Murders Mr B Mr B was named by South Australian police in 2008 as one of the three main suspects who were involved in the murders alongside Bevan von Einem. Referred to as a "Randy Mandy" among the era's deviants, Mandrax was a sedative that had just become popular worldwide with the branding "Quaalude." The other murders remain unsolved. Peter Stogneff was a fourteen-year-old that lived with his family in a middle-class home, in a northeastern suburb of Adelaide. Needing to get away from his friends and clear his head, Mark decided to get out and walk away. Richard and Boris remained at the park for a bit longer, kicking around the soccer ball and chatting, before eventually, Boris decided to make his way home. One such case is the Family Murders of Adelaide, Australia. He was found wearing most of the clothing he had last been seen in, minus an undershirt and without the chains he often wore around his neck (which contained his zodiac sign, Cancer). Other times he would just pick up a hitch hiker. Due to the state of the young man's remains, it was believed that Alan had been detained against his will for several days. During the 1970s von Einem started developing strategies to lure victims into his car. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the case is how did von Einem find accomplices willing to be involved in such crimes? Boris left on a bus, and Richard started making his way back home a trip that was no more than four-hundred meters. Global Nav Open Menu . Meanwhile, as police struggled to answer these basic questions, the trial against Dr. Peter Millhouse remained a thing of the past.
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