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Democratic Candidates on the Ballot for the 19 July 2022 Primary Election

Here are some of the races that will appear on the ballot in Maryland in 2022, along with the Democrats who have filed to run for office in Howard County. Please note that as Maryland’s congressional and legislative districts are currently being reconfigured, some designations may change. Unless stated otherwise, all offices are for one position.

For all other questions or concerns, please email howardcountydems@gmail.com.

* Incumbent Democrat, name in blue links to candidate’s website or social media site.

Federal Offices

U.S. Senate

Michelle L. Smith | Chris Van Hollen*

Congressional Representatives

District 2: George CroomLiri FushaC.A. Dutch Ruppersberger*
District 3: Ben R. Beardsley | Jake PretotJohn Sarbanes*
District 7: Tashi Kimandus Davis | Marques Dent | Elihu Eli El | Kweisi Mfume*

State Senate

District 9: Katie Fry Hester*
District 12: Clarence Lam*
District 13: Guy Guzzone*

House of Delegates

District 9A: Steven M. Bolen | Chao WuNatalie Ziegler (vote for up to two)
District 9B: Courtney Watson*
District 12A: Jessica Feldmark* | Christopher John Feldwick | Terri Hill* (vote for up to two)
District 13: Vanessa Atterbeary* | Amy R. Brooks | Pamela Lanman Guzzone | Becca Niburg | Jen Terassa*  (vote for up to three)

County Offices and Council

County Executive: Calvin Ball* | Harry Dunbar

District 1: Neveen Kurtom | Elizabeth “Liz” Walsh*
District 2: Opel Jones*
District 3: Christiana Rigby*
District 4: Hank Boyd | Janssen EvelynDeb Jung*
District 5: Joan Pontius

States Attorney: Rich Gibson*
Register of Wills: Byron Macfarlane*
Orphans’ Court Judge: Christina J. Bostick | Ajile F. Brown | Elizabeth Ann Fitch* | Nicole Bormel Miller
Clerk of the Circuit Court: Wayne A. Robey*
Sheriff: Marcus Harris*